It is a scenario that will be all too familiar to most people in the timber construction industry: a whole stack of design drawings is ready to be put into production, but that one tiny last-minute alteration did not reach the team member who needed it the most. Worst case scenario: the whole work has to be redone. And even if you catch the issue beforehand, that’s still extra effort you’d rather use for your core business. was developed precisely to avoid such issues. With our cloud-based platform you know for certain that everyone is always on the same page. Small production change? Just upload the most recent version, and enjoy the comfort of knowing that every work station is up to date. Say goodbye to outdated files and huge stacks of paper, and hello to the new way of prefab wood production.

A long implementation period? Weeks of training for all employees? Of course not. Because works entirely online and is compatible with all well-known drawing programmes, a WiFi connection is all you need to get started today. Our adage: let technical draftsmen be draftsmen. We take care of the peripheral issues.

Tom Eijkenaar, founder: “At Connectinq, we have experienced first-hand the transition from paper to AutoCAD and from two-dimensional to three-dimensional. To me, is part of the next transition. We take full advantage of the possibilities offered by modern technology. Cloud-based storage, always online, working entirely with 3D models…none of these things were possible even 5 years ago, but offer so many benefits today.”


Built by programmers with years of experience in timber construction, who know exactly what you need


Simple and user-friendly interface that you can make your own within an hour


Designed based on real user experience and concrete customer questions and feedback


Works just as easily on your computer as on your tablet, thanks in part to an intuitive 3D display for ultimate ease of use


Focus on the most commonly used drawing programmes, such as Tekla, Revit, HSBCad and CadWorks


Guaranteed state of the art through real-time updates


Increase the output of your production lines with more efficient techniques and hands-on logic


Easily generated reports for quality assurance control


What gets measured, gets managed: production times get logged


Guaranteed support, regular updates and new features


Turns machine files from a necessary evil into a quality and reliable tool


The ideal software for SMEs looking to take the next step in their production process


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