The construction industry has experienced an unprecedented wave of changes in recent times, yet many organizations are struggling to keep pace. Unfortunately, this lag in adaptation often results in missed opportunities for enhanced efficiency. While there’s no shortage of software addressing specific aspects or streamlining certain processes, the cohesive integration, where programs seamlessly reinforce each other, remains a notable gap.

At Connectinq, our expertise spans decades, encompassing both on-site construction practices and the intricacies of technical design. This wealth of experience has acquainted us intimately with the challenges and limitations inherent in the process. Whatever hurdles you encounter, it’s likely we’ve faced them too.

These encounters serve as the foundation of our approach: crafting tailor-made software for timber-frame construction seamlessly integrated into your workflow, developed in collaboration with machine suppliers. Our solutions are born from the frustrations we’ve experienced in our own workspaces, transformed into innovative answers. Whether it’s speed, agility, or simplicity in both 2D and 3D, we’ve got you covered. Need some extra halp? Count on us to provide swift assistance, because, just like you, we value prompt solutions.

Our goal is simple: making sure that you’re able to do what you do best.

Connectinq. In your element.



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